Clinton Pickens

Clinton Pickens is an established actor and comedian based in Los Angeles.

Clinton wanted a site with crisp edges and a primarily monochromatic feel. He was set on the idea of having a full width background image that he could change both across the site and on individual pages. Clinton also wanted the user to scroll as little as possible, so to help that cause, we hid the footer in a toolbar for desktop viewing.

Clinton's Tumblr presence and familiarity with posting on the platform led us to integrate his Tumblr feed in a blog postings style page. Responsive and mobile-ready, Clinton’s site is optimized for all media platforms.

To catch Clinton’s next performance or view his most recent creative work, visit clintonpickens.com

Clinton Pickens - Website

Walnut Grove Builders

Walnut Grove Builders is a full phase carpentry company based in South Jersey, serving the entire Tri-State area. Their 20+ years of experience is built on quality customer relations and their unique take on raising custom homes.

The owners at Walnut Grove wanted a site that expressed their passion for architecture and that was heavily gallery oriented for current and potential clients. The color palette borrows from earth tones while the layout emphasizes symmetry. Private photo collections are available for works in progress in addition to the published completed projects. Walnut Grove also requested a custom employee and materials page that would allow them to elaborate on their process and scale the website as development broadened.

To view Walnut Grove's most recent construction projects or to talk with them about contracting, visit their website at walnutgrovebuildersinc.com.

Walnut Grove Builders Inc @ www.walnutgrovebuildersinc.com

Alan Gordon Enterprises

Alan Gordon Enterprises is a motion picture equipment sales and rental house located in Hollywood, CA. With over 65 years of experience in the film industry, marked by the production of its Academy Award winning Director's Viewfinder, Alan Gordon has become one of the most established and trusted names in the business. As such, the company needed a fresh website to match the stature of its legacy and to better serve their clientele.

With feet planted firmly in both camera rental and sales, Alan Gordon needed two distinctive yet thematically similar sides to their site. The Rental Department required the ability to list and quickly make revisions to their equipment inventory, where rental rates can change on a weekly basis. They also needed a template to display individual items in greater detail, including package components, specifications, and a photo gallery.

The Sales Department was looking to modernize and bring their 250+ product inventory online. We set Alan Gordon up with a full feature, customized shopping cart, complete with tailored product listing and detail pages. A site wide SSL certificate assures customer security for every transaction. With such a large product line, the site became database heavy, so we optimized everything for fast access and dependable caching resulting in quick page load speeds.

Throughout the site, you'll see value-added features, such as a brand listings, dealer details, and multiple navigation menus. The site is responsive and mobile-ready, especially helpful for rental clients on production sets.

To take a look at our work for Alan Gordon Enterprises and all they have to offer, visit www.alangordon.com

Alan Gordon Enterprises - Website

Matthew Elliot Photography

Matthew Elliot Photography is run by NJ native and budding photojournalist, Matt Decker. Specializing in storytelling through the photo medium, Matt documents social issues, nature, portraits, and weddings.

Matt needed a site that would be an unobtrusive conduit of his work, and thus, we emphasized large, neutral spaces, modern typography, and subtle geometric lines in this custom Wordpress theme. His site is responsive and optimized for mobile devices to reach a broad audience--both potential clients and the everyday observer.

To view Matt's most recent work or to contact him about possible photography projects, visit his website at www.matthewelliot.com.

Matthew Elliot Photography - Website