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Welcome to Gingerly!

Timothy Decker - Gingerly Designed

We're so glad to have you at the freshly launched Gingerly Designed, a web design and development company specializing in custom Wordpress themes! There isn't much by way of news in our first post except to say, "Let's get coding!"... oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

If you haven't had the chance to find out what Gingerly is all about, check out What We Love (hint: it has a lot to do with web design)

While you're clicking things, take a glance at our Portfolio to see whether we have any chops. Urban Dictionary defines 'chops' as, "guts, resilience, staying power, of [sic] other forms of fortitude." As in, When it comes to web design, Gingerly has some chops.

Still confused about what's going on here? Get in touch with any and all questions, including but not limited to, "What?", "How?", and "Are you my momma?"

In the end, we hope you check back frequently for more deliciously dry-witted and informative posts such as the one you are currently reading* and to peek at our latest projects. Don't forget to tell everyone and their mothers about us (especially if their mother needs a website)!

Best wishes in 2014!


*Gingerly Designed does not guarantee posts will be either delicious or information-containing. Gingerly does not issue refunds of your time.